John Brodsky was born in Montclair NJ and raised in Rumson NJ. After singing most of his life in competitions, choirs, and bands John found that his musical talents could only take him so far. Not to be discouraged, a fellow band mate introduced him to an acting teacher and John was hooked. After studying with Anthony Setaro at The Acting Conservatory on and off for a couple of years, John decided to leave college behind and pursue acting full time professionally in New York City.

After only a few short months of auditioning, John landed a co-starring role on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. In addition, John has worked on many short films, with directors ranging from Columbia University to NYU, with one film recently going to the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to acting, John loves networking and collaborating on projects with fellow actors, film makers, and musicians; discussing what it means to be an artist and navigate through “The Business.”

He is looking forward to pursuing more independent film opportunities, and is currently studying with John Dapolito in his master class with the AWG Program.

The Official Homepage of NYC Based Actor John Brodsky
The Official Homepage of NYC based Actor John Brodsky