Law & Order: Criminal Intent Co-Star Ken Girotti/NBC/Universal
Killer Weekend Supporting David Sabshon/What?What Productions
Inside, Outside Supporting David Sabshon/What?What Productions
Madness of War Supporting Patrick Hendrickson/Compainion Pictures
Big Muddy Lead Jeff Moneo/Columbia University
Just a Little Sin Lead VerĂ³nica Adame Enciso/Columbia University
Pretty or Pink Lead Lara Gallagher/Columbia University
Angles in Snow Lead Lara Gallagher/Columbia University
Eyes Shut Lead Ali Betil/Columbia University
Little Sunshine Supporting Lena Rudnick/Columbia University
Underage Supporting Danielle Gross/New York University
The Stonewater Rapture Whitney Shamus Hunter McCarthy/Dickinson College
The Philadelphia Mark Andrew Takoch/Dickinson College
Acting Training: Scene Study - Stanislovsky, Adler, Meisner Techniques, Improv, Monologues, Commercial Technique
Anthony Setaro The Acting Conservatory
Susan Pilar T. Schreiber Studio
Peter Jensen T. Schreiber Studio
John Dapolito Actors! Where are you Going?
Vocal Training: Pop, Rock, Musical Theater
Courtney Grogan        Private Lessons
NJ drivers license, own a car, voice (baritone), gymnastics (back flips), running/sprints, ski, boaters license, rollerblade, body board, juggle, mountain climb, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, swimming.
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