Ever see the films “Inception” and “The Matrix”, then you already like this a lot. Read on.

The AWG-Program is a powerful and innovative look at each individual artists psyche and the inherent direction he/she is already on, though most likely completely unaware.

When we use the word psyche in this case, we are referring to its Greek roots, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary a: Soul, Self. b: Mind.

I have known brilliant artists who simply did not have a clue as to where they were going in any true sense of the words. Many artists think saying, “I am an actor,” is enough, but this is not so - If you haven’t already read the Philip Seymour Hoffman profile on the home page, please click there now. See, actors are the product themselves, so the “profile” is really a common sense must. If the professional actor wants to be effective with a plan-of-action, why not take the plan that stems from deep within the psyche, no? Isn’t this what the films “Inception” and “The Matrix” are getting at? That’s exactly what I do!  Everything else is merely wondering all over the place in the secret hope that someone will discover you - and that’s silly high stakes gambling folks. Be smart, and know exactly where you are heading already from a psyche perspective…and what you can do to increase its worth.

Founded in 2003 by John Dapolito, the AWG-Program believes success starts at the level of the mind. “It’s simple, the actor is the product and that product, you, is the result of how you think. But do you know what you’re thinking at the deepest level? Are you able to articulate those thought processes? Can you determine your own subconscious tendencies? Most likely not, but they are helming your choices 24/7 and that is a lot of time and energy to be doing something unconsciously without having fully reaped the rewards. This is where the AWG-Program comes in; we help the actor find the key information that makes them stand out in the crowd. We help them understand that key information, articulate it and explore it creatively. The amazing thing is why hadn’t anyone thought of this before? Think about it for a moment, getting profiled makes perfect sense for the actor since each artist is uniquely designed in psyche, it’s like a finger-print so it is absolutely essential to understand those unconscious thoughts, images and visualizations that are running 24/7 because knowing who you are, and how to market yourself (The Product) opens doors, creates relationships, and books jobs. Knowing which producers, filmmakers, writers, and directors you should be targeting narrows the field and creates focused attention, and that kind of attention creates opportunity and results.

For some of you this whole program may seem “a bit far-out”, but you know, 70 years ago The Group Theatre introduced something called “Method Acting”, a psyche look at acting that would turn our industry on its head forever. Today we have the AWG-Program introducing a new element of psychology, it’s that simple and it’s that powerful.

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