This is a new kind of “Master Class” where each student-artist in the room has undergone significant training elsewhere, from Yale, NYU, and Rutgers to William Esper, Maggie Flanagan and T. Scriber. The student-artist has been profiled and is actively pursuing a wide assortment of roles within his or her “niche or personal theme”. Entry into this class begins with the Intro-Seminar.

This class is a boutique style classroom (16 maximum, *2 alternates) and runs on the premise that “you’ve already been hired for the part”. John works with each artist at the level they’ll be expected to deliver to a Major Hollywood Studio, Television Production, or Broadway Show. It is John’s belief that this kind of environment, over time, reduces teacher dependency, and eventually obliterates it completely - a belief John feels passionate about.

All artists must become self-confident and learn how to work even when they feel unsure of themselves. Moving through those feelings of fraudulence into self-reliance is a crucial stage of development and one I encourage at all times in class. I am not looking for disciple’s, I am looking for artists to work with.”

Another major feature of this unique classroom is John’s teaching style, which offers a rare 3-point-perspective based on his skills as a playwright, director and actor. John teaches from the roots of the page, plugging you into simple, liberating acting ideas such as the “ACTable-phrase Technique” and the “JAZZ-Intention” of the scene.

“Coming to life as a human being, living before the camera or on stage is everything to the actor, it is all we’re trying to do, and it is much simpler, and far more enjoyable than our forefathers and mothers have taught us.”

*Alternates are permitted to work on monologues and observe the scene study techniques.


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