The private session is a thorough 3-4 hour session that determines your specific “acting-niche” – beyond a doubt.  I use a story-based “Popular-culture” profiling technique I’ve developed over the years. The technique is not personal in style, and easily elicits your specific “acting-niche”. All information discussed within the session remains private. If you haven’t read the home page, please take a moment and do so now.

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The most important thing to remember is, do not try to profile your self, and do not have a friend try it on you either. Why? Because we all have psychological blind spots, and these psychological blind spots are very real. You need a highly trained, and skilled, second party to move past these psychological blind spots effortlessly, and effectively. 

*It’s important to note here that I personally trained a colleague of mine for an entire year in this technique, and then sat for my own private session. It was quite an aha-moment for me.

See, the private session affords you the opportunity to know beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt what you offer any potential filmmaker, producer, director, writer, agent, etc, because it’s based on your own psyche. After all you are the product, right?

And the difference between having a private session, and not having a private session, is the difference between knowing your name, and having a case of amnesia. It’s that simple. Why would you want to walk around with amnesia when you could know for sure? Why gamble when you could know? What if someone gave you the inside scoop? Always place your bet on 17 RED. Well, that’s exactly what the private session is, a sure bet. I hand you your “17 RED”. Then after the private session you will be able to strategize, market, and target those potential “17 RED kindred work sources” with authentic confidence, and clear articulation.

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NOTE: The seminar is a must for any private session client. It is imperative that we ensure you know exactly why, and what, we are exploring during the session.

I truly look forward to working with you – John Dapolito

To make a Private Session Appointment, please call 212.246.6033. Once you have a scheduled date, please click on the button below to make the payment. Thank you!

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