Script Secrets of the A-List Actor is an extremely popular class among actors, directors, producers and writers. This class offers the professional artist real tools that actually work “on the job” - rendering the archaic teachings of modern day academia and café intellectuals completely obsolete. This is not so much a “script analysis” class as it is a “script realization” class, a blue collar “how to get it done correctly” class. John strips away all the boring Ph.D. non-sense and offers real ways for the entire production team to “realize” the script as intended by the author.

Here, John also introduces and teaches how to apply the “Actable Phrase” Technique which is the foundation of all his teachings. The “Actable Phrase” Technique is a set of words pulled from the scripts “literal” text, which describes the characters visible behavior upon a stage or before a camera. The phrase enables the actor to come to life effortlessly and with authentic confidence, allowing the actor and the director a filter by which all of the characters behavior is performed through a précis pinhole of specificity.

Some examples for you, see if you can’t visualize these as you go along; maybe even try to act a few: The Antsy Teenager, The Principled Priest, The Sassy Party Girl, The Cunning Negotiator, The Burdened Alcoholic, The Manipulative Flirt, The Stubborn Old Man, The Witty Idealist, The Emancipated Sophist, The Idealistic Thug, The Romantic Fool, The Precocious Pot Head, The Entertaining Drag Queen, The Jolly Jokester, The Mean Spirited Provocateur, The Clever and Charming Jock, The Blasé Cynic, The Demented Old Fool, Etc. The most important thing is that the phrase is lifted from the “literal” text and fits the character you are playing without doubt.

If you want the “tricks of the trade”, John lifts the veil here in this class and teaches the actor exactly what to look for in each script’s “blue print”. What John gives you is a proven plan you can take with you on-the-job. His approach is applicable to all types of scripts; and lets face it, learning how to read the script is essential to the actors, directors and producers career. Everything else is a big guessing game, “gee, I hope this works”. When you go into production, rehearsals, or an audition, you want a liberating and empowered way to come to life. With this class John clears the way for you to start landing work.

* This class meets bi-annually for a 3-week period. The scripts used are Pulitzer Prize winning plays, and other award-winning playwrights.

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