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A native of Texas, Sam had not discovered theatre until his senior year in high school where he was cast in his first production. After the experience in a couple of high school productions Sam chose to learn more about his craft in Los Angeles at the Stella Adler Studio. While on full scholarship he attracted the attention of many theater-goers in numerous productions and short films and would later make the move to New York City, studying at the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio on scholarship. Most recently named a Finalist at the esteemed Actor’s Studio, Sam feels confident in beginning his career as an actor with the great help of his business coach Marisa Vitali.

“I want to be involved in projects that are extremely challenging and treated with the utmost integrity. To me, acting is an art that requires constant nourishment of an actor’s talent, drive, and a constant reaching that should never be fully satisfied. I want to be challenged by the characters I play, surrounding myself by others who uphold the integrity of the arts. I want to make my mark in the history of upholding this tradition.”