Gaetano Salvadore


About Gaetano Salvadore  Music and celebrity photographer, GAETANO SALVADORE has been chosen to photograph the rich and famous for most of his 12 year career.  Whether as the exclusive photographer on The Rolling Stones first concert tour in mainland China, shooting an intimate portrait with Debra Harry and the young, hot new band Franz Ferdinand or even capturing fun portraits of families & children,  Gaetano prefers that all the attention be on his subjects.  This allows him to capture sides in them rarely seen.  " I like to give the people I work with a lot of freedom to have fun and be themselves when we shoot.  This helps create a trust that can open doors to an aspect of someone's personality we never or rarely see. " GAETANO's  photographs have appeared in such publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard Magazine & The New York Times.  Prices available upon request.  GAETANO SALVADORE lives and works in New York City.